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To optimise human development is to engage wholeheartedly in understanding how development works. 


To enact the power of development is to intentionally engage with development itself. 

Self reflection + self study + being in conversation = developing on purpose.


These short self study modules offer you, through the lens of development, a place from which to pause and reflect on how you are currently living and to contemplate the now what for you.


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Love lesson self-study programs to Reflect:

Dealing with Uncertainty

To learn how to love reality as it is.

dealing-with-uncertainty 1.png

Conversations of Love

To learn how to give & receive love more fully.

conversations-of-love 1.png

Leadership lesson self-study programs to Review:

Understanding Human Perspectives

To learn how to use this framework as a leadership template for success.

human-perspectives 1.png

Reflections for Those Who Lead

Journalling on what matters to you and what/how you may be limiting yourself from realising your natural potential to take the lead.

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Patterns of Personality Module 1

patterns-of-personality 1.png

An overview of the Enneagram Model

For those interested in exploring the Gut Centre (Ennea Type 8, 9 & 1 ) in the Enneagram model

Patterns of Personality Module 2

patterns-of-personality 1.png

For those interested in exploring the Heart Centre (Ennea-type 2, 3 & 4) in the Enneagram model

patterns-of-personality 1.png

Patterns of Personality Module 3

For those interested in exploring the Head Centre (Ennea-types 5, 6, & 7) in the Enneagram system

patterns-of-personality 1.png

Patterns of Personality Module 4

Life lesson reflection programs:

Reflections for Everyday Living

Short reflection prompts to guide you to relax and go inside. 

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One Thing

A simple reflection activity to help you gain clarity on where you want to focus your development

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