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To optimise human development is to engage wholeheartedly in understanding how development works. 


To enact the power of development is to intentionally engage with development itself. 

Self reflection + self study + being in conversation = developing on purpose.


These short self study modules offer you, through the lens of development, a place from which to pause and reflect on how you are currently living and to contemplate the now what for you.

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21 Reflections for 21 Days

Listen. Journal. Reflect on your reflections.

A guided audio resource for self reflection.​

Short reflection prompts to guide you to relax and go inside. 

Reflections for those who lead

These audio reflection prompters allow you relax, to pause, to go inside and gain clarity through reflection and journalling on what matters to you and what/how you may be limiting yourself from realising your natural potential to take the lead.

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Love lesson self-study programs to Reflect:

dealing-with-uncertainty 1.png

Dealing with Uncertainty

To learn how to love reality as it is.

conversations-of-love 1.png

Conversations of Love

To learn how to give & receive love more fully.

for-the-love-of-god 1.png

For the Love of God

To learn how to rediscover true faith.

Coming Soon

Leadership lesson self-study programs to Review:

human-perspectives 1.png

To learn how to use this framework as a leadership template for success.

Human Perspectives 

patterns-of-personality 1.png

Patterns of Personality

To learn how to better support and get along with those you work, live, & play with.

leading-with-ease 1.png

Leading with Ease

To learn a process to move you from stuck to flow.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Life lesson self-study programs to Re-evaluate:


Your Life

To learn how to pause and

take stock of your life. 

your-identity 1.png

Your Identity

To learn how to get to know
yourself at a deeper level. 

your-relationships 1.png

Your Relationships

To learn how to relate with others, including yourself, more easily.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

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