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Patterns of Personality

Using the Enneagram Model 

For those wanting to learn at their own pace in the convenience of an online format, this short self study program is created for those who take the lead in their workplace, their home place and their community space.

This program is based on the Enneagram Model. While this model is complex, this program is delivered in a way that is simple to follow.  Each of the nine personality types are explained as well as how to leverage the strengths and development gaps of each type to support you in developing a healthy expression of yourself and those you lead. 


With a total watch-time of approximately four hours, this online learning module allows you to work through lessons and activities at your own pace. This will be a program you keep returning too, to review and deepen your understanding and appreciation of the complexity of being human.  Created for those who are curious about why people do what they do and if you are wondering why you do what you do. A roadmap for the self aware leader. 

Your study will support you in understanding:

  • How you get easily triggered by certain personalities

  • The challenge of effectively leading a team with diverse personalities

  • The struggle to work cohesively with others who approach tasks differently

  • The mystery of understanding yourself and others

  • Differences and angst that can arise between parents and teenagers

  • Conflict arising from different communication styles within relationships

  • How to become more objective to the family dynamics when you notice you are reacting to close relatives 

  • The need you have to always be on the defensive

  • The longing to be able to relate more easily and intimately with all people

Through your study, you will be able to:

  • Lead others more effectively

  • Be comfortable communicating with all types of people

  • Have more influence

  • Understand your family dynamics

  • See your blind spots

  • Understand and empathise more easily with your teenager

  • Deal more objectively with conflict

  • Have a system to help you understand yourself and others


"We must be willing to be uncomfortable for a while if we wish to be released from whatever has bound us."

Don Riso

What you will receive

Included in this self-paced online learning module:

  • 15 lessons, approximately 4-hours of study

  • PDF insight template journal

  • Self-assessment questionnaire

  • Downloadable practices

  • Additional reading resources

Be clear on the terms and conditions before you apply. 

  • If you want to understand human behaviour at a deeper level

  • If you like to study at your own pace

  • If you want a model that has been researched, validated and is being used globally by people in personal and professional development

  • If you’re wanting to communicate with all personality types more effectively

  • If the enneagram is new to you, this course gives enough information to get you started

  • If you like structure, this is a well organised resource that is accessible and easy to revisit and find the specific information you’re looking for

How to know if this is a good fit for you:

Program format

Overview of lessons:

1. What is a personality? (6 mins)
2. The Enneagram overview and the Centres (8 mins)
3. The Heart Centre – Enneatypes two, three and four (45 mins)
4. The Head Centre – Enneatypes five, six and seven (39 mins)
5. The Gut Centre – Enneatypes eight, nine and one (40 mins)
6. The Enneagram as a leadership tool (7 mins)
7. Self assess and apply (9 mins)


If you give yourself time to watch, pause for reflection, and journal in the resource templates, the study time comes to approximately 4-hours. To make this digestible you may want to schedule shorter study slots rather than complete the whole program in one go. This is an online learning module where you work through lessons and activities at your own pace. 

Your Investment:


Program facilitators are Eimer Boyle & Soo Balbi (Founder or UXL Coaching). Please note this program does not have any personalised interaction with the facilitators.

To supplement your self study there will be a live Q&A one hour session on zoom for current & past students of this program: September 28th, 10am-11am AEST.  Numbers are limited to six to allow time for questions, reflections and sharing of practical ways to bring the learning into day to day living and leading. 

To purchase, click on the button below. 


Note that this will bring you to the UXL Coaching Thinkific page. If you do not have an Thinkific account it will ask you to create one. 

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