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A pragmatic model to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities of leading. If you take the lead in your self-development, lead a team in the workplace, parent in the home-place, host a community space, this program helps you become more familiar with the nine personality patterns.


You are so much more than your patterns of personality and yet by learning this model you can begin to realise the depth and breadth of your potential.


This self-study program consists of four modules so you can break the learning into chunks and choose to invest you in the order you want to learn in.   

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This model has a rich heritage and is complex in nature.  It is a universal framework used in many contexts through time and in different countries, industries and communities.  


Investing in this program is a simple way to start to unfold the potential of understanding patterns of personality to support you in making your day to day living and leading easier.


If you want to understand human behaviour at a deeper level, if you are trying to make sense of why you do what you do, if you have a desire to make relating with self and others simpler and more enjoyable this program explores the common patterns of personality to learn about, learn to recognise and understand how to work with.

This program will help you in resolving:

  • The confusion of why you get triggered by certain personalities

  • The challenge of effectively leading a team with diverse personalities

  • The struggle to work cohesively with others who approach tasks differently

  • Conflict arising from different communication styles within relationships

  • The mystery of understanding why others do what they do 

  • A longing to be able to relate more easily and intimately with all people

Through your study you will be able to:

  • Learn to lead others more effectively

  • Become more comfortable communicating with all types of people

  • Have more influence

  • Gain insights into potential blind spots

  • Use the framework to help you deal with conflict more easily

  • Have a system to help you understand yourself and others

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  • 4 stand-alone self study study modules for individual purchase

  • Each module contains

    • Recorded short lessons to watch and listen to at your own pace

    • Listening time for each module is approx. 30- 40 mins

    •  Downloadable simple PDF self study & reflection workbook 

    • Signpost to additional resources 

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  • If you like to study at your own pace.

  • If you want to communicate with all personality types more effectively.

  • If you want a model that is pragmatic and can be used immediately in real life situations.

  • If you want a model that has been researched, validated and is used globally in personal and professional development.

  • If you like structure, the learning materials are accessible and easy to follow

  • If the Enneagram is new to you, this course gives enough information to get you started.

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All modules are recorded self study lessons.  Each module has an approximate listening time of 30 - 40 mins.

Module 1 

The lessons in this module provide:

  • An introduction to the Enneagram 

  • An overview of the three centres

  • An explanation on how to explore your pattern of personality,

  • A summary of how this model can be useful in leadership

Module 2 - Type 8, 9, & 1

Module 3 - Type 2, 3 & 4

Module 4 -Type 5, 6, & 7

The lessons in these modules are a deeper look at each type to:

  • Get an understanding of the key strengths & developmental gaps

  • Listen to an overview about levels and instinct aspects 

  • Learn ways to develop your patterns of personality or those you lead

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By joining this self study program, you become a member of The B Community. All participants who invest in self study become alumni into the online space. A place where you become part of a community choosing to develop on purpose.

Once you are in the community you can download the app to reflect and self study conveniently on your mobile device.

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Please make sure to read the terms and conditions before you invest in this program.  All purchases are final. 

Eimer Boyle

Soo Balbi

Founder UXL Coaching

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We have a combined 35 years of experience facilitating and coaching in the area of human development.

We have loved creating this short self-study program to support your leadership development through learning and offering ways to use this framework.

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