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Terms & Conditions

Please note that purchases are final. There are no refunds. 


Before you make your decision you are welcome to send an email to to gain answers to any specific questions or concerns that you may have, to ensure that this is the right developmental offering for you, for now.


If you read the program sales pages these have a lot of information which can help you to avoid any misunderstandings about what is being covered and what is included. You can review the website more generally to get a sense of the methodology and intention of these offerings.


The self-study online programs do not offer email access for personalised guidance. 


What is available from time to time are live Q&A classes on zoom for small groups.  A place to come to ask questions and discuss practical ways to embed the learning into day to day living. 

The group mentoring program contains live conversations on zoom and self study modules.  Classes are intimate in size and so you are agreeing to having camera's on on zoom, sharing your perspective and committing to doing the work.


If you are wanting a deeper conversation and are seeking one-to-one input specifically, consider signing up soulful conversation once you have taken at least one course of study.


In signing up to any of the programs offered on this site you are agreeing to be challenged. What is meant by challenged is that you are agreeing that you are intentionally seeking to get to know yourself at a deeper level. All the programs will suggest and offer you the practice to observe beliefs/thoughts held in mind and behaviours in the world to inquire if these are a true and authentic expression of who and what you are. 


Emotions may arise as part of the process, and this is normal. If you feel that your emotional experience requires additional therapeutic support, it is your responsibility to seek the support you need. 


Therapy is not on offer here. Developmental work supports human development and therapy is a mechanism required to build the ego strength for developmental work. There is a distinction between what each focusses on and yet at the heart of both are the same frameworks and intention for all of humanity to be well and to thrive. 


If the need for therapy arises, this requires attention. There is nothing wrong with you, simply take the action required to get the support you need.  This is what self care is. 

If you are currently in therapy, before registering for any program on this site, please check with your therapist that what you are signing up for is in alignment with your therapeutic process.

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