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In the early years of growing up in Northern Ireland there was regular conversation across the kitchen table with my mother. My mother’s gift to me was time, deep listening, with an open, non- judgmental style.  Having been engaged in personal development and inquiry for many years what is clear is that self reflection and soulful conversation opens us up, as human beings, to our true, natural creative expression. 

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Eimer Boyle

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This was a phrase heard in mind often. For me, sitting with the now what, became a knowing, a moving out of a corporate role into private practice. To offer a process to individuals who were at key transitional points in their lives and were asking, now what?  Creating Being in conversation was a way of paying it forward, offering others the opportunity that was given to me, to gain clarity, on what is true for them.  


The process of humans developing although natural, is not always easy or enjoyable. It can at times, be uncomfortable, confusing and challenging. Being in conversation with an experienced practitioner can provide support and clarity to individuals as they transition through the natural stages of development that all humans transcend and include through.  


As a creative soul there is a love to simply express through painting, writing, teaching & facilitating community & 1:1 soulful conversations.  


My work is with people around the world who are developing on purpose. Curious souls who are re-evaluating their lives, wanting to take the lead in the homeplace, workplace and community space, communicating and influencing in an authentic way. People who want to simplify their way of living and be natural, rather than pretend or perform, when they relate with others.  People who want to enjoy life more fully but not at the expense of the generations that come after us.


The B Community is an online space on mighty networks created for people who are developing on purpose and want to invest in self reflection and study programs as well as have access to community and 1:1 soulful conversations.


As the founder of Being in Conversation and the creator of The B community the intention is to offer a space for creative souls who want to reflect on what is happening in life and within themselves. 


For those seeking clarity for everyday living.


Moments Awake # STAGES of Human Development Certification for Coaching 

#  Integral-Semantic Facilitator  

# Master Practitioner of Neuro Semantics & Neuro Linguistic Programming

# Meta Coach training with the Meta Coach Foundation 

# Genos Emotional Intelligence Practitioner # MBTI Facilitator # DiSC Facilitator​

# ​Advanced Diploma in Metaphysics 

# Post Grad Education in Economics # Business Degree

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