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Tree of Life

Just as the trees cannot hold onto their leaves, so too are we.

We cannot attach to anything or anyone. If we think we do, it is an illusion and that is ok, if that is how it needs to be for now. Through time, with intention, we can release from the illusion.

The tree doesn’t know it is a tree. It doesn’t know what a tree is. It doesn’t believe it is a tree. It doesn’t value being a tree. It doesn’t help other trees to be better trees. It doesn’t identify as a tree. It simply is.

How did the tree come to be? What seeds were sown, when and where…what were the conditions that caused the tree to be as it is? What happens when the tree dies?

The tree is not concerned about such questions. Perhaps you are? Perhaps these questions arise for you on the inside? How am I me? Why do I not fit in, belong? What seeds were sown through childhood, school, the world that caused me to be me? What is true for me now? Am I ok to be me? What happens to me, as the form of me dies?

We are free as reality itself, even if not yet seen.

Are you ready to see what is true for you? To do the work, to realise and be free from what is distracting you, what you are distracting yourself with, from the truth of you?

What are you holding onto in your life?

Beliefs? Values? Routines? Your story? Why hold on? Why not?

Where are you holding on, holding back in your life?

In relating with others at home? At work? Socially? In relating with money? In relating with being you in the world? In relating with time? With authority?

Is there holding happening in the body form of you?

The breath? Pain? Discomfort? Holding shame, guilt, frustration, sadness, the weight of it all, waiting, creativity, joy inside?

What is it that you are identifying with? Identifying as you?

Is it you? Are you being you? Can you simply be with it is as it is?

What is it that you want to explore more deeply about being you? Who is it that is inquiring? What is stirring within you? When is that happening for you? Is now the time to give yourself to a deeper inquiry into you?


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