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Mindset Shifting

As we stand on a beach, we can witness the constant flow of the individual wave formation to and from the shoreline. The individual expression of the ocean, and yet as a collective mass of water droplets the ocean is simply, there. A metaphor in mind to illustrate movement and stillness happening simultaneously.

We move from stillness too. We do things, think things, emotions ebb and flow within us, through us and yet our true essence, the truth of us is stillness. How easily we forget this. How often we get overwhelmed by the wave of emotions as they arise within us. It can seem as if they are telling us that there is an urgency, a need to move quickly, to move forward, to keep doing, that something needs our attention. Relatively speaking that may be true. Is there a deeper truth? Beyond the relative? Have you ever explored this depth?

Time keeps counting. Life keeps evolving. We are part of it all. Free to play in and as reality. Awake to it all, although more often as humans asleep to much of reality. When conscious of our footprint, carefree of our significance, giving everything of ourselves, in service, we awaken and in joy all we have access too. Not for pleasure, for possession, for profit, rather a peaceful, playful, plentiful way of being. It is what it is. Forever.

And yet still we are not playing freely. Life for many of us is a struggle, particularly in mind. Driven from our mindsets. Where is our mind currently set? So often self-serving. The self we take ourselves to be, in mind. Let’s take a concrete example - as we see vast areas of forests cut down, we can ask - what is the thinking pattern driving the behaviour? There is no value in judging the thinking, rather let’s realise the potential if we could see more clearly the subtle impact of our thinking on all of us.

As we grow from a thinking pattern, expressed let’s say as cutting this tree down is valuable to me, to a broader perspective of thinking, a thinking that considers the value for all of us – self, other, planet earth, everything, everyone, what would be possible? What would change? What does it matter? Who would it matter to?

So, while currently we dig up the land, poison it, pollute it, think we own it, remember that the physical form of us is matter too.

And so, if you did deep dive and turn your attention to getting clearer on what matters and what doesn’t matter in mind, to the truth of the matter, what is arising for you?

The potential of us, and for us, as we free ourselves from the habitual ways of thinking in mind, and instead give ourselves fully to the truth that matters, we sow the seeds for a universal shift of consciousness for generations to come. Life changing for matter, for mind and beyond the relative perspective.

Are you ready to intentionally make a shift?


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