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Still here

Are you reading this? Are you hearing this? Seeing this? The gift, right? If life was not happening through you, as you, this would not be possible for you.

And it is not just that you are here. You are still here. The stillness, that is you. The constant, consistent you, the essence of you, the true depth of you, is still here.

Not the emotional you that has the ups and downs, not the thinking you that has thoughts that come and go, not the unhealthy and healthy physical form of you, no consistency here, no stillness here.

From stillness what is a true expression of you? A creative expression as still you. May be there is more sitting in stillness required for this expression to be clear for you? This is the inner work to do. Is this work calling to you?

Much value in society has been put on doing something, being active, contributing, doing our part. And that is partially true.

What is deeply true is that the stillness that is you, is already, already, and so, there is nothing to do to be you. You don’t need to become a someone or do something to be valuable to society, to yourself, or to another. The value is that you are still here.

And so, for as long as you are still here, an infinite everlasting moment, what is it that comes forth from you? What is the unique expression, intention, creation that is true for you, as you?

Through deep reflection and stillness, this will become clearer for you, to you, as you realise beyond what is partially true, the absolute singular expression that is you.

So being you, still here, what is clear or not, for you?

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