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Are you open to all that is available to you? Available to what you might ask?

If someone text you and messaged are you available to go to the movies tonight you might respond – sure, I am free! Or perhaps – sorry booked up tonight. Limited availability. So, in a concrete sense, particularly with the concept of time, we tend to focus on the limited availability. So we put schedules in our diaries to block off time, to book in time, to make time, to ensure we have enough time to get to an appointment.

If you have a fully booked schedule, then you may have no time left for other things. Works fine if the things you are engaged in are things that matter to you. No time for anything else and yet fully available to what you have committed to.

An inner struggle may arise if you have a sense that you have limited time to do what you want to do, to be engaged in things that matter to you, to have unstructured time, free from having to do anything. You may have limited time due to a thinking that you have to, need to do, must do, should do certain things. So, the struggle will arise from a mindset. A mind limited in some way. Limiting beliefs, values, expectations, conditions that have been set. Set by who? Set by you.

A mind set is limiting because there is a holding something in mind and that thing is fixed. It has a parameter around it. In a sense it is like you put a fence around an aspect of your consciousness.

And yet in terms of consciousness, there are no limits, other than those you put on your subtle self. In order to shift a mind set, is to become aware of what you are open to, available to, giving yourself to, seeing beyond the limited aspects of the subtle you.

So, what is true for you? Is there currently a struggling in mind. A sense that there is a limit to what’s possible for you? Of time available to you? Of energy within you? In your life more generally?

As you look at the struggle, is clarity available to you? Are you seeing the how you are making this personal about you? As you think about it, is there something happening inside you? Does it seem that this is happening to you? Notice too that when you choose to say yes to something, you are making a commitment to it. So, in the example of time, the limited time available to you, is due to you. The subtler parts of you. And perhaps you are saying you don’t understand I have work to go to, kids to look after, an elderly parent to check in on daily. That is heard too.

So, what else? Well, what is also available to you, as a possibility, is to see reality as it is, rather than how you want it to be. To see clearly what you can and can’t control, to take responsibility when you say yes, realising that yes means I choose this, as it is aligned with my highest intention, and/or yes simply a knowing as right action in the moment.

Beyond that, for things you can’t control, what is available? What is available is the possibility to bring acceptance to reality. It is what it is. Situation happening now, not necessarily for always.

So, what else? Going inside is available to you. Going inside, inquiring into what really is really going on here? What matters to me? Sitting with the question, what is it that I choose to be available for/to?

And then, in choosing yes, checking in, am giving 100% of myself, fully committed, fully available to the task at hand, to the conversation happening, to daily sitting practice, to all that is available to me? Am I open to reality as it is?

As you deep dive into what’s true for you, what is available? What’s opening up for you?

Opening up to being you.


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