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What are 5 things to consider when developing your Potential?

Development is a continuous unfoldment. Wherever you are, explore the depth and breadth of your current experiences and situations by considering the following 5 things:

1. Get clear on your development strengths and gaps.

Marcus Buckingham defines a strength as something that makes time fly when you are putting your strength into action and as you do, you feel strong and energised.

Gaps are where you are not as strong and/or competent compared to what is required in your role. We can be blind to both our strengths and development gaps as they are not always easy to identify. Sometimes having someone to work with or using a development assessment tool can help to highlight these aspects.

2. Create a development plan

As you create a plan, when your intention is clear you are more likely to commit to a plan of action. Committing to something that really matters to you will be easier to follow through on. A plan aligned with your values and your deeper intentions and principles ground your plan and reduce the likelihood of you being side-tracked. Strengthen strengths, and/or close development gaps, that is up to you. You know what matters and moves you.

3. Study yourself

Self-awareness is a cornerstone of development. Who am I is an easy question to ask but not so easy to answer. What self is being referenced? Understanding the process of human development clarifies that we could be referencing a physical form, a subtle self or beyond these two forms. What self are you curious to know more about? Start with that.

4. Build knowledge and skills

To take the lead in your development, your family, your work, your community requires a navigation system and an ability to navigate. Sometimes we can miss the importance of understanding and navigating the inner world. Check that whatever developmental model you are using that it is a universal framework. One that supports you in getting to know your internal qualities while simultaneously building your external capacities.

5. Seek feedback and apply

Development is a holistic process. Self-reflection and feedback from others (formally and informally) require an openness and readiness to look, receive and apply. To face ourselves, to clarify and test all you thought you knew requires courage and commitment. If you are ready to do the inner work, welcome this soulful opportunity with an open mind and heart.


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