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Are you exploring leadership and human development?

To understand the potential of being human is to explore development.

Development is the study of how we evolve as humans and an inquiry of who and what we are as human beings.

The Four Quadrants, STAGES, the Enneagram are universal frameworks that map where we came from and point to key transitional moments of our development and awakening.

While there is a plethora of people exploring development, the key pioneers that have been studied with and/or learnt from include Terri O’Fallon, A.H. Almaas and Ken Wilber

While it is important to remember that all developmental frameworks are conceptual, the value of learning and applying the principles are that they can be used to support people to be more self-awareness and gain clarity on where they are on the development trajectory and thus where best to focus their development efforts.

Humans tend to be curious about who and what they are. We note the natural curiosity of young children learning the name of body parts, teenagers focussed on their identity and personal expression. The moment when humans become curious about the process of human development itself can be referred to as the development drive. This drive transcends and includes the drive for success. This is where humans feel moved to know themselves at a deeper level, become more inclusive and open to diversity of thought and expression and begin to explore their potential in a more intentional and committed way.

When an understanding is present about the process of human development and there is a devotion to know what is true and real about Being as human, this is when the spark of transformation truly begins.


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