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Life changing conversations.
For all enneagram types.
For high achievers
tired of pushing themselves.
For those seeking a different pace, a quieter headspace.
For those wondering how to create a more sustainable way of living. 
For creative souls who find it hard to back themselves. 

Self Reflection.  Group Conversation.  1:1 conversation.

Am I in the right place?


If you are seeking to be authentic in the world.

If you are wanting to clear old stories & patterns in mind.

If you are wanting to realise what your natural creative expression is.

If you currently are, or are open to, sitting in quiet daily reflection.

If you are open to being in direct intimate conversations on zoom. 

These conversations are for you. 

Across the world for many, life can be full of hardship, fear, shame, guilt. The human experience of feeling stuck, constrained, overwhelmed, busy, anxious. At times wondering  what to do about it, how to move from unwanted experiences to be able to simply enjoy life more, worry less and still get done all the things that are relatively necessary.  Underneath those experiences can also lie confusion about who you really are, what you want to do, how to get along with people. Inner questions emerge such as "how did I end up here?", "what other choices do I have?"and "Is this it for me?"

Time to face reality.

While life is complex, keep it simple and stop making things complicated for yourself.


What is possible, and many are doing this inner work already, is to reorientate your way of living. Currently the likelihood is that your way of living is no longer serving you. You have simply outgrown it. 

The work is to reorientate beyond the self-serving way of living to move to a more authentic expression of you in the world. A life where you love more and judge less, where you speak from a patient loving place, rather than how you may, at times, be reacting to others that then has you feeling guilty. Allowing love to be your way of being in the world. There is a lot to do to reorientate from an outside-in way of living, to an inside out way of being and yet there is relief in simply knowing that, as human, you are here now and you ready to become more conscious as being. 

Now it is simply time for real conversations. Conversations exploring real-ity.  Life is personal, reality simply is.


These conversation speak directly to the heart of what matters to you. While the conversation may begin by reflecting on what situations are working well for you and what you are struggling with, it won’t be long before the conversation will go deeper.  


Conversations with Eimer gave me a platform to hold guided conversations which allowed me to connect with myself, to connect with my place in a Covid world, and to find deep connection with others in the world.

I was seeking clarity on my inner state transitioning to a new country, a new job and the way to create new networks, and this online group conversation gave me a place to stabilise myself and learn more about the process of development. With Eimer and the other group members I found a place to share experiences and gain clarity on practices to support me through this transition.

Georgia - Vietnam

From here you get to choose what matters to you

Is this work calling you?

Are you doing this work already and know being in conversation is the next step for you?

Are you open, ready and seeking deeper conversations?

This is the inner work to do.


You may have clarity and simply want more time in  reflection and journaling before moving to another stage in the process. 

Self study


This experience offers facilitated group conversations where clarity can be gained on self-identity and navigating life more objectively.

Group conversations


1:1 conversations

So what is it you want from being in conversation?

Navigating Situations


Are you seeking clarity around a situation in your life with someone, about something, happening somewhere?

  • Wanting to talk about how to deal with difficult conversations at home and at work?

  • Wanting to have a conversation about your career?

  • Wanting to have a conversation about how to deal with the complexity of supporting ageing parents while simultaneously staying true to what matters to you in your life?

These conversations are challenging because they are personal.  The way to gain clarity is to become more objective to the whole situation.  Being in conversation with someone not personally invested in the outcome can support you to become more objective.  As humans when we view that this situation is happening to me, we are limiting our capacity to resourcefully manage these complex situations. If you are engaged in any development frameworks such as Crucial Conversations, Strengths Finder, Genos EI, WAVE professional Styles, MBTI, DiSC, Enneagram, 360, an in-house competency model we can use these frameworks as part of the conversational process. Development frameworks give us information on how we normally react, highlight our unconscious bias, our blindspots and points us to realise where our transformation point is which supports us in doing the inner work to clear old mental patterns, formed in mind in our formative years. 


Being in conversation to support you as you develop your capacity to navigate situations that are arising in your life

Developing The Self


Are you curious about the process of how humans develop?

  • Wanting to understand yourself more deeply?

  • Noticing you get triggered and would like to learn how to stop being so reactive?

  • Wanting to be able to express yourself more authentically in all contexts of your life?

The developmental frameworks that inform and provide structure to the conversational process include the Enneagram, Stages of Development, Integral Theory and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Being in conversation to support you as you deepen your understanding of how personality works, identifying the habits of your persona which may be limiting you so that you learn to relate more authentically in your home place, workplace and community space. 

Living True To Soul


Are you seeking clarity on how to simply be yourself in the world?

  • Exhausted from reinventing yourself?

  • Tired of the stories?

  • Seeing through the social constructs?

  • Noticing things have different meanings for you now?

  • Wanting to live more in the moment?

  • Do you know you are ready for these conversations?

The frameworks that inform and provide structure to the conversation include the Moments 7 model for awakening, Stages of Development & the Enneagram

Being in conversation to support you to be more present to reality as it is, opening to a more soulful way of living as the natural self you are already, aware of the nurtured self that loves to tell you how you should be living. 

Now what? Conversations for clarity

For those new to The B community

Soulful conversations

For current and returning community members 

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