If you enjoy self reflection and journaling and are seeking short guided reflections to help you develop this as a developmental practice, consider 21 reflections for 21 days.  These are 21 short reflections you can listen to.  

To develop any new habit can take daily practice over a few weeks.  If you take a moment each day to stop, take a pause and reflect, then on day 21 you can review and consider if this type of practice is something that you want to continue committing to on a daily basis.  


In terms of increasing your self awareness, daily sitting, is a practice to awaken to your true potential.  


Sitting in silence daily doesn’t require you to listen to a guided meditation. If you are new to meditating or notice you find it difficult to quieten the mind, this may be simply a way for you to start. 


Read more about 21 reflections for 21 days




You may be listening to podcasts, doing courses, reading books as part of your ongoing development work either personally or professionally.  


These short self study programs were created to supplement the inner work you may already be committed to.  The format allows you learn at your own pace and the online platform means you can fit your learning into your schedule when and where it works for you.  Given how busy life can be sometimes it can be difficult to commit to programs over multiple months.  These programs may be an option that what works for you for now, especially if you know you want to develop yourself but have a lot of other financial and time commitments at the moment. 


  • If you want to learn about the Enneagram model to understand the human patterns of personality this will help you get to know yourself at a deeper level and to better understand those you love, live with and work with:


Read about Understanding Patterns of personality program


  • If you are parenting, leading at work, in the community, or taking the lead in your self-development a contemporary development framework to learn and utilise is the work by Ken Wilber.  This program is based on his quadrant model. It explains what preferences are and how to ensure you include and value all perspectives in your personal or professional relationships with others.


Read about Leadership template for success program 


  • If you are currently in a situation where you feel a bit stuck and you would like a process to follow this program provides some simple prompters for you to reflect on, to create some momentum, to gain some insights into potential blind spots you may have and leverage points you may be missing 


Read more about Leading with ease program


Please note that these offerings are co-created with Soo Babli (UXL coaching founder) and if you 

chose to invest in these developmental programs you will be directed to the UXL Thinkific page.  



If you are leader looking for a place to learn from other leaders and focus on your own leadership challenge or opportunity you may be interested in the three month facilitated group conversation on zoom.  You may be leading in the home place, workplace or community space.  These conversations are for those in formal leadership roles and those who take the lead more informally.


Read more about The Group Mentoring program for leaders.



Being in Conversation focusses on what is happening in your life and within yourself. For people at key transitional points in their life and in their leadership roles.  For those seeking clarity for everyday living.


To learn more read about the Being in Conversation framework.