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Daily sitting as a practice has many benefits.


  • Given our habit of busyness, you gift yourself a moment to be still.  

  • It provides the opportunity to gain a perspective on what is happening inside of you.  This is a valuable perspective as how we show up in the world is driven from the meaning making on the inside.

  • It helps you to build the capacity to see yourself more objectively, to realise the pattern of thinking that runs you.  Once seen, you have the choice to stop running that pattern of thinking if it does not serve you. 


Would this be beneficial for you? How would life be different for you? How would you show up differently in the world? Do you feel moved to accept this as a practice for you?


If you feel moved to, here is the process:


  • Select a daily time to sit.

  • Take a moment and review the reflections and choose the one that moves you.

  • Read the reflection. Relax and let it in.

  • Take a moment, relax, breath and sit in silence for twenty minutes. 

  • Be with all that arises for you, within in, but do not attend to it, simply watch it.

  • After sitting, journal anything that comes to mind for you.


Note that it is not necessary for you to use these 21 reflections. It is simply an option if you feel moved to.  You can simply sit as a daily practice and watch what arises for you.


21 Reflections For 21 Days

  • 21 Reflections are delivered in a PDF format.

    It contains 

    • A link to 21 audio files you can listen to live or download.  
    • An e-journal to type into.
    • Simple black and white cards that you can print out.

    Use the format you feel most moved to use in your daily reflection. 


    Price is in Australian Dollars.

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