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If there was one thing you could get clarity on, what would that be?

Getting to what is true for you, one conversation at a time.

For many of us it seems like there is “a thing”. This thing may keep recurring in our lives and may be dominating our internal dialogue and triggering uncomfortable feelings. You might notice that you tend to worry about things, get overwhelmed,  lack self-confidence, or feel stuck and that you don’t take action to stop, start or change something.  Or maybe that thing is something else for you.


When we are caught in these moments, it can be difficult to see our own blind spots.  In order to gain clarity on how to open up to possibility rather than limit ourselves, it may simply be time for a different conversation.  A conversation for clarity that gets to the heart of what is true for you.


Being in conversation offers soulful conversations to reflect on what is happening in your life and within yourself .  Conversations for those at key transitional points in their lives and in their leadership roles.  We are all leaders.  We take the lead in our self development, in parenting, in partnering in the home place, the workplace and the community space.  We take the lead in awakening to our true potential which is simply being, as we are.


Being in conversation is for those seeking clarity for everyday living.  Simple ways to make life easier so that you can enjoy life more and be less distracted in mind. To understand deeper aspects of yourself and to get clear on what matters to you at a soul level.

NOW WHAT is a common question you may be asking yourself as you consider options for what’s next in your life, your relationships, your career, your personal development.  


In this context NOW WHAT is simply a process whereby you chose to focus on one thing for now, which if you did that, would help you transition with clarity and then the process repeats – and so, NOW WHAT?!  If there was one thing you could get clarity on what would that be?


The wisdom is within you. You know whether to facilitate this transition through self-reflection, being in group conversations and/or being in 1:1 conversation.




You may want to be more self aware and present in life.  


You may have clarity and simply want more time journaling daily before moving to another stage in the process. 



You may want the experience of being in a group conversation to gain clarity on how to develop yourself, how to navigate life more easily, practices to support you in your day-to-day living.



You may be experiencing confusion, overwhelm and uncertainty and yet are open and ready to explore and realise aspects of yourself that are currently unseen. 

The problem is never the problem.  It is only a symptom of something much deeper.

- Virginia Satir


​21 reflections for 21 days. 


Listen. Journal. Reflect on your reflections.


A guided audio resource for self reflection.

Short reflection prompts to guide you to relax and go inside. 


Client love


Eimer has been fundamental in my life for many years and has helped me in running my business more effectively and in my personal relationships with my family and my husband.  She has such a way about her that allows me to open up and trust her and get into some pretty deep and incredible aspects of myself.  It has been such a great learning and growth period for me and having Eimer there to support me when I need it has been so helpful.

 Simone - Australia


I was feeling overwhelmed and time poor; juggling work, being a mum, wife, friend, exercising.  I was living a crazy jumbled life and I felt I needed some insight and strategies on how to gain a less complicated, more balanced, fulfilling lifestyle.   Working with Eimer helped me to look at things in a different way, prioritising what was important to me and helping me to value myself. These insights have increased my confidence, changed my focus and now I feel in a stronger position to cope with life’s challenges.

Vanessa -  Australia

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The B Community is an online private space where you can review, reflect and respond to musings that are shared about life and leadership.

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