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What I value most is the clarity. If I’m confused about something, talking with Eimer can often work the knot out, clear the debris and help me to a) see the reality of the situation and b) through seeing the reality either let go or work to a solution. In conversations with Eimer, there is no pretence, no room for hiding, you come away with a reality check that is ultimately empowering. Eimer has the ability to step into your shoes and see a situation from your perspective while maintaining objectivity, this allows her to shine a light on negative and disempowering patterns of behaviour. Greatest takeaway is a shift in perspective, the ability to look at a situation from a different angle and to laugh at the sheer insanity of it all.

Aisling, UK


 I was feeling overwhelmed and time poor; juggling work, being a mum, wife, friend, exercising.  I was living a crazy jumbled life and I felt I needed some insight and strategies on how to gain a less complicated, more balanced, fulfilling lifestyle.   Working with Eimer helped me to look at things in a different way, prioritising what was important to me and helping me to value myself. These insights have increased my confidence, changed my focus and now I feel in a stronger position to cope with life’s challenges.

Vanessa, Australia


Eimer has been fundamental in my life for many years and has helped me in running my business more effectively and in my personal relationships with my family and my husband.  She has such a way about her that allows me to open up and trust her and get into some pretty deep and incredible aspects of myself.  It has been such a great learning and growth period for me and having Eimer there to support me when I need it has been so helpful.

Simone, Australia


When I started working with Eimer one to one, it was a very interesting time in my life as there had been a sudden change, uncertainty and too many options etc. I wanted to have a support partner to help me observe myself, to dig deep inside, and to explore how I could shape my future. I felt that I didn't have any answers, so I wanted someone who would give me an environment that I felt safe to open up any topic and that our conversations would be kept confidential. I could bring any topic which came to my mind at that time.


After every session, I was very satisfied with my own insights and realisations and I also felt healed by her real presence with me in virtual space.  This process energised me and I could be myself. From this powerful foundation I have now entered the new chapter of my life. I also really valued Eimer helping me expand my mental space and connection to the spiritual world.

Christin, Korea


When I need to really dig deep Eimer guides me to look for the truth of the situation. I walk away from our conversations having been taken to a much deeper level, past the “shoulds”, the “what ifs” to a whole new level of understanding of what I am dealing with. My experience of being in conversation with Eimer is that there is no “fluff” just probing and prompting to awaken me to what’s really going on, to what’s really important!

Geraldine, Australia


The teachings by Eimer and the group conversation with the other women were of tremendous value because it was an opportunity to be present for myself while with others. It was time and space to receive information and “aha” moments in a different, deeper way than I was consuming on-line and in books. I also had a 1:1 conversation with Eimer during my most emotionally challenging time and this was the soulful sounding board I was seeking. The 1:1 conversation and group conversations helped me get out of my head and into my heart in a way the books and podcasts I had been reading and listening to couldn’t.

Dana, United States

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