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For those wanting a true relationship with God

This live group conversational program will guide you to reflect on how you currently relate with god and how you history with god may be limiting you and to explore ways to relate more easily with God. 

For many their relationship with God is a childlike one. We are no longer children of God. So now what?               The inner work to do is to realise what is god, how to relate in a mature, authentic way with god, ourselves and all humankind 


Why? Life doesn’t need to be so hard. You don’t need to personally suffer so much. When we realise that humans are not the centre of the universe we can realise the potential of universal expression as being human. Now is the time as a species that we can re-orientate from being self centred and become god centred. In this way we can free ourselves from the human condition that is limiting us in mind. 

For the love of God will support you in resolving:

  • The uncertainty you have about what you believe and think about God 

  • How shaky your faith is these days because you think and feel about god differently to when you were younger and/or when you are/were part of a religious community

  • Confusion you may be experiencing around what does religion, god, spirituality mean because it all seems to be less meaningful and relevant to you these days

  • The difficulty you are experiencing finding someone that you can trust to talk to about this stuff in a safe and confidential way because religious people you know could not have these sorts of conversations and other people in your life have no interest in God.

  • You are wondering about whether other people are feeling like this too because sometimes you think it is just happening to you

  • The guilt and shame you may feel at times in the face of God because you feel that you are not good enough, not worthy or loveable enough.  

  • How you feel a bit lost and alone at times, because sometimes you wonder if God has forgotten you, if there even is a God or that you have abandoned God. 

  • The complicated relationship you have with God because it was a lot easier when you were younger and had blind faith and simply followed the rules. 

Through our work together, you'll be able to:

  • Understand what is true for you about God, religion, spirituality, reality

  • Know how to get the support you need to do the inner work

  • Learn how emotions work, and triggers arise so that you can cultivate a life which is guilt and shame free. 

  • Learn how to relate more intimately and authentically with god, with yourself and with those you love and work with

Mountain Range

"May gods light shine upon you

illuminating the way

to realise the truth that is you.

In the divine time of now

 always living for god alone,

may you realise

the depths of love for you.

For that love is you"


What is the format?

Two conversations over two weeks. Conversations on zoom with cameras on.  Session one has time for teaching and discussion. Session two has time for reflection and a review.  

Conversation 1:  

During the 1.5 hours there will be teaching, self-reflection exercises and discussion time to consider what god means to you, how you are currently relating with God and how to develop a true relationship with God.    Homeplay: Self-reflection exercise will be offered to you. 


Conversation 2 : 

An open dialogue session to reflect and share what has come up for you and to consider now what for you.

In the group conversation live on zoom, participants will be sharing their perspective and you will be asked to share yours.  Given the small numbers on the call we go deep quickly and emotions can often arise.  Are you ok with sharing at this level? Open to hearing others perspectives? Open to receiving feedback and being challenged in service of your development by the facilitator? Do you accept that confidentiality applies in a setting like this? Are you OK to have your camera on?

  • You have completed Activate Me, Explore Me, Relational You, Now What For You Life programs

  • You are ready to look at yourself at a more intimate level

  • You are ok to have direct and deep conversations

  • You notice that God is coming up in your language and you have questions and confusions about how to relate with God in a more resourceful way

  • You have faith but you just aren’t sure how to proceed from here?

  • You have a deep yearning to find out what is true about yourself, life, the world, the universe

  • You are already developing on purpose and this seems aligned with other work you are doing.

  • You know you are ready to have these conversations. 

How to know if this is a good fit for you:

You will receive:

List what is included, for example...

  • 2 Live conversations on Zoom (90 & 60 minutes each)

  • PDF reflection journal 



$ 325 AUD (+GST)

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