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Where are you leading the conversation?

The offerings are particularly suited to those in a new leadership role, all enneagram types, autonomous life long learners who have completed formal studies or leadership programs and are looking for what next.

Maybe you are leading the conversation in the workplace as the owner of a creative small business, or as a solopreneur, or in a digital health leadership role.  

Maybe you are also leading the conversation as a partner, a parent, a family member, a community volunteer in your personal and social life.

Wherever you are taking the lead in your day to day living how are the conversations going for you?


What conversations are going well, are in flow? What conversations are you finding challenging? Exhausting?   What important conversations are not happening and you want them to be?  What is missing for you?

Would you like to invest in strengthening your capacity to take the lead more easily and more authentically?


Being in conversation provides a place to inquire through dialogue how you can get your leadership conversations going, changing, becoming more natural as you continue to take the lead in your work, social and home life.  

Being in conversation allows you to get to the heart of what is often perceived to be missing or limiting in mind.


Leadership development work can be challenging when you are asked to look directly at aspects of yourself that you do not want to see. Through being in conversation, you get the opportunity to see more clearly how you are currently limiting yourself and gain clarity on what development practices will support you as you strengthen your capacity to take the lead. 


If you have the commitment to this inner work, investing in yourself opens up the possibility to take the lead more authentically and more easily.  You will notice that you feel more confident to lead in tough conversations, not because you have to, simply because you know it is the right conversation to have. 


As a leader, this inner work is about intentional development. So what is your intention?  

What can be gained from being in conversation about leading?

  • Learn developmental models, principles and practices that can be used immediately in your leadership role and in your life more generally

  • Gain clarity on blindspots allowing you to know the inner work for you to do to clear them

  • Become more emotionally intelligent in managing diversity and complexity

  • Gain clarity on how to handle conflict more easily

  • Expand your capacity to self-lead and lead others with greater influence.

Fundamentals of leading


Are the fundamentals in place?

·  Do you know your strengths, development gaps and leadership vision

·  Are you building your capacity to become more self-aware

·  Do you understand how human development works

·  Do you understand how work gets done through people and processes

If you consider these fundamentals as the Levers of Leadership and if you understand and use these levers, leading becomes more authentic and easier.

Short self-paced programs of study

Woman with Laptop

For those who want to develop and grow and study at their own pace:

A Leadership Template For Success - Learning about human perspectives - Integral Theory Model.

Understanding the Patterns of Personality - Learning about personality types - the Enneagram Model

Leading With EaseA reflective process to follow when you want to move you from stuck to flow

Group mentoring program for leaders


A three month pragmatic conversational program hosted on zoom where you learn to put leadership theory into practice. Suitable for life long learners seeking to continue their development in an informal online forum that fits into their busy schedule. 

This is a small intimate group of 6 leaders (max) created for those who enjoy learning in a conversational circle. There is time for reflection and robust discussion on a leadership challenge or opportunity that your bring to the program as your developmental focus. 


A place to be in group conversation. A place to learn from others and to share your wisdom. 


Self study modules are included to supplement your learning and can be accessed beyond program completion to give you ongoing rich learning materials to return to.

Eimer Boyle - LinkedIn Templates.png

The She Leads series is a dynamic conversational forum offered to organisations and creative communities who are looking for ways to further support women in leadership. Conversations are conveniently on zoom so that no matter where your people are located, they can have access to conversations on contemporary leadership topics. 

Get in touch if you would like to explore the possibility to collaborate and bring the She Leads online series into your community space or workplace.

1:1 conversations for those in leadership roles

When you take the lead you go alone.
Are you looking for someone to be in conversation with?

Leadership Development: Want to lead more and manage less?

Being in a leadership role requires you to be able to manage complexity.  This is a given. If you are finding yourself totally preoccupied in busy management tasks then there is less space to be leading clearly. This is your potential as a leader.


1:1 conversations provide a space for you to explore how you are currently managing and leading and bring clarity on the how you can be leading more and be managing less in your day to day living. 

Career Transitions: How to take the next steps in your career journey

Now what? This is a common question asked if you are considering your next role, if the role you had is now redundant or if you are starting out in your career as a new graduate into the workplace.


1:1 conversations provide a space for you to explore what matters to you, to review how you are currently taking the lead in your career transitions and to explore possible next steps.  

Considering a 1:1 conversation 
Now What? 
Conversation for clarity

If you are new to The B community 

Interested in finding out more about your style of leading?

Online assessments available:

Genos Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Particularly for, and not limited to people who are focussing their development on navigating situations @ work and want to increase their capacity to understand and manage their own emotional state, as well as understand, manage and influence the emotional state of others.

Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI)

Particularly for, and not limited to people who want to deep dive and understand different structures of personality, have a desire to know their basic personality type, would value receiving a personal report on how they are potentially limiting themselves, and have access to development tips on how they can work to develop a healthy expression of their personality type.


Saville Wave Professional Styles

Particularly for, and not limited to people who want to understand their motives, talents, preferred culture and competency potential, which is summarised in an easy to read personal report that highlights areas of opportunity for your ongoing development.  

All assessments require a 1:1 debrief. If you would like to find out more connect in via contact page and we will be in touch. 

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