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Group mentoring program for leaders

Pragmatic conversations to support your
ongoing leadership development

Particularly suited to those in a new leadership role, all enneagram types, autonomous life long learners who have completed formal studies or leadership programs and are looking for what next.

Being part of the group conversation you will learn useful leadership frameworks, have time for self-reflection and discussion on their application, to give you the support you need to work on a current leadership challenge or opportunity as your leadership development focus. The conversational circle format allows you to be part of an intimate community of leaders to cultivate your skills, competence and self-awareness.

Taking the insights and learnings from this program enables you to effectively lead yourself and others in your home place, workspace and community space, so that you can create the life you want and make an impact in the world.

Group mentoring will support you in resolving:

  • Lack of confidence you may experience in speaking up, asking questions and sharing your thoughts

  • The challenge of juggling work, self-development, partner, kids, aging parents

  • Your discomfort with conflict and avoidance of difficult conversations.

  • The uncertainty about how to find the development support you want.

  • The longing to find a community where you can talk freely about the challenges you are facing, as well as hear other people’s perspectives who have similar challenges to you.

  • A desire to find a program that challenges and enables your leadership potential.

  • An inability to say no, allowing you to set boundaries for self and others.

  • Your search for a vibrant place to explore a variety of leadership development topics.

Through this program, you will be able to:

  • Enjoy a community space where you can be yourself, ask questions and share your thoughts without being judged.

  • Learn how to say no, so you can say yes to the things that matter.

  • Build more intimate relationships, and communicate and relate more authentically.

  • Use what you have learnt in practical and applicable ways in real life situations.

  • Be more active in creating balance in your life, set boundaries, and have more time for yourself.

  • Confront difficult conversations and complex circumstances more easily.

  • Find your voice and speak up in any context.

  • Have clarity in identifying next steps to create the change in your leadership project.

  • Be part of an inspiring network that gives you access to leading edge ideas and further avenues to explore



Collective wisdom depends

on conversation

and is most powerfully felt

in the silences that arise

within those conversations.


 The Power of Collective Wisdom:

And the Trap of Collective Folly -

Alan Briskin

What you will receive

You’ll receive all of the following:

  • 6 x 2-hour live mentoring sessions delivered over Zoom

  • 3 x online self-study programs:
    —  Leadership Template for Success
    —  Patterns of Personality
    —  Leading with Ease

  • PDF Insight template journal

  • 5 x Leadership Frameworks with templates for application

  • Additional reading resources

Be clear on the terms and conditions before you purchase.

  • You’re ready to explore your leadership potential through focussing on a real life leadership challenge or opportunity you are facing

  • You are an autonomous life long learner, who likes group learning and wants to be in a community space to brainstorm with.

  • You value direct feedback and robust discussions

  • You’re ok to be on zoom with your camera on

  • You are in a formal leadership role and/or you take the lead in your home place, workplace and/or community space without a formal leadership title.  

How to know if this is a good fit for you:

Program format

A 3-month online program with maximum of 6 participants

  • Module 1 – Your Leadership Challenge

  • Module 2 – Taking the Lead in Relationships

  • Module 3 – Leading Systemic Change​


AUD $1,800.00


Program facilitators

Group mentoring conversations are facilitated by Eimer Boyle & Soo Balbi (Founder of UXL Coaching)

Together we have a combined 35 years+ of experience facilitating and coaching in the area of human development.

Over our years of facilitating workshops, we have seen the benefit of leaders being together in regular dialogue in a group format in addition to their one-on-one development conversations.

If you are interested in joining a group mentoring program before applying please review the terms and conditions and check the live class conversations dates below work with your schedule.


Now what?

Our group mentoring sessions are now closed for the 2022 intake.


Taking expression of interest for 2023. 


Note : Short self study leadership programs are available.

Understanding human perspectives

Understanding patterns of personality

Leading with ease 

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