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For people ready to do what matters

This live group conversational program will guide you through a process to get clearer on what you want to do, are ready to stop doing and are wanting to become better at doing to look after yourself as well as be responsible for those you lead and care for.

Activate Me will support you in resolving:

  • The lack of clarity you may have about what truly matters to you because you are so busy you don’t take the time to think about that much 

  • The confusion and tiredness you may be experiencing wondering why you are losing motivation at work and everything seems such an effort 

  • The guilt you may be feeling because of the over reactions you have to your partner, your children and/or your staff at times

  • The endless to do list that you never get on top of because there is always something that needs your attention

  • The sadness you may be experiencing when others, especially those close to you, don’t realise that you have needs and wants too

  • The irritation you may feel when others don’t do as much as you do because you operate at a fast pace

  • Your lack of activity because you spend a lot of time reflecting on things before you take action

  • The well of emotions that build up inside you because you tend to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself

Through our work together, you'll be able to:

  • Know more clearly what you want and how to articulate those wants

  • See the value of making time to do things that matter to you

  • Find ways to juggle things that you are responsible for

  • Access a resourceful state when in overload or when you are about to explode

  • Keep yourself on track more easily when you get distracted by going back to old habits! 

  • Know how to go about keeping things real since you are not interested in warm and fuzzy content

Mountain Range

"If we cannot tell the difference between

voluntary and involuntary attention,

we are living in a dream world.

Work with attention enters into all work on oneself.

Life can be a training ground for attention. 

It is our responsibility to use our everyday conditions

as an opportunity for the development of attention"

Kabir Helminski, Living Presence.

What is the format?

Two conversations over two weeks. Conversations on zoom with cameras on.  Session one has time for teaching  and discussion. Session two is reflection and review.  

Conversation 1:  

During the 1.5 hours there will be teaching, self-reflection exercises and discussion time to  consider what you are currently doing in your life, what you want to be doing. A space to  get some clarity on what is missing, how to empower yourself and to consider what is  possible for you. Home play: Self-reflection exercise will be offered to you. 


Conversation 2 : 

An open dialogue session to reflect and share what has come up for you and to consider  now what for you.

In the group conversation live on zoom, participants will be sharing their perspective and you will be asked to share yours.  Given the small numbers on the call we go deep quickly and emotions can often arise.  Are you ok with sharing at this level? Open to hearing others perspectives? Open to receiving feedback and being challenged in service of your development by the facilitator? Do you accept that confidentiality applies in a setting like this? Are you OK to have your camera on?

  • You are ready to make changes in your life

  • You are open to engage in direct and deep conversation

  • You are already developing on purpose and this seems aligned with other work you are doing

  • You may have a physical practice that you do regularly but you notice that your mind is still racing

  • You notice development has become very important to you

How to know if this is a good fit for you:

You will receive:

  • 2 Live conversations on Zoom (90 & 60 minutes each)

  • PDF reflection prompters for journalling 


$ 250 AUD (plus GST)

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